The Ring of Elites!

A ring forming a heart in a book
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Only a few people have pre-ordered Encryptopedia. I prefer to think of these folks as “the Ring of Elites” – y’all are great and I am very appreciative of your patronage. Every time my inbox lights up with a sale it’s like a combination Yule and Birthday present all in one.

Not only will they get Encryptopedia first before everybody else, they will also get an adventure to get their fantasy spy games started.

One of the things I’m loving about crafting this adventure is that I am able to open up story settings that you normally don’t see in typical fantasy adventures: in the “haut monde”, I have the story go from a fancy ballroom to elegant dining chambers, to the interior of beautiful carriages and secret, intimate lovers’ niches. In the “demi-monde” I have opportunities for stealthy visits to the highest halls of power, desperate fights on river barges, and a duel to the death in the high ropes of a theater.

If you are already one of my Elites, stay tuned – you may be getting future special gifts just because of your early adoption.

If you’re not an Elite and decide to wait, ¬†on February 14th you’ll have to purchase the adventure separately. So take a moment to head over to the Drive Thru RPG page and pick up the Encryptopedia pre-order, and join the Ring of Elites today!