Foreword: Mercenaries

Unlike other adventurers’ organizations that may pursue their own political agendas, however, the Mercenaries’ Guild does not in any way seek to “make the world a better place” or in any other way impose their morals or values on the working sell-sword. They value individual determination and personal choice. However, they will always get involved in the following areas:
• Misconduct by Mercenaries against their Employers, including merc betrayals without due notice.
• Misconduct by Employers against their Guilder Mercenaries, including surprise suicide contracts and double-dealing after the fact.
• Failure to pay fees that are owed (either by Mercenaries or by Employers)
• Interfering with or attacking Guild officials, buildings, or services
• Events that may destabilize the local economy.


Cover Reveal!

This is the cover for the new book, “The Book of the Kiss,” a system-agnostic sourcebook for romantic fantasy. Coming soon from DriveThruRPG and Sam Chupp Media!

Designed & written by Sam Chupp, cover art by Elizabeth Leggett, graphics by Tabitha Doyle

Book cover "Book of the Kiss"
cover art by Elizabeth Leggett

Coming in May: The Book of the Kiss (Libro Suavium)

I am 90% done with this book. I need a few more editing passes, and to start layout. We are currently at 52,000 words! I have been wanting to write a romance sourcebook for fantasy for some time now. This is partly because I love a good romance story, partly because I have had a lot of very wonderful roleplaying conducting romance stories, and partly because I haven’t seen a book quite like it out there. Once again the goal is to make it system agnostic: you should be able to pick this book up and use it no matter … Continue reading Coming in May: The Book of the Kiss (Libro Suavium)

More is Merrier: House of Bards

Another entry in the burgeoning Fantasy Espionage sub-genre! Evil Hat has released, “Pay What you Want”, the following supplement for Fate Core:–A-World-of-Adventure-for-Fate-Core House of Bards focuses on the political side of intrigue and espionage. If you are interested in focusing on the shadowy world of Espionage in your House of Bards campaign, Encryptopedia will be an excellent supplement for House of Bards.

A New Poll: What book shall be next?

                              I have a history of responding to my audience. I like to talk back and to listen to what they have to say. If you are interested in helping influence the next work that I put together, please head over to my Google+ poll, or if you would rather vote here, or on my Facebook page, or over Twitter, feel free to do so! Facebook Page: Twitter: Google+: [googleplus url=]

Inclusivity? You’re soaking in it…

                    My books are inclusive. I take some extra effort to make them so. Are they perfect? No. Are they going to hit you over the head with how inclusive they are? No. But they are. Take for example, the characters in the latest book “The Forever Diamonds,” which came out yesterday. Of the 15 characters, 7 are female, 7 male, 1 is non-gendered. 9 are People of Color, 5 are White, and 1 is a reptile (very pretty color reptile though). Two of the men are lovers. A woman has … Continue reading Inclusivity? You’re soaking in it…

Update on New Project: Forever Diamonds

I am at 5K on Forever Diamonds, yay! Still have a fair piece to go – I think this one will be from 20K to 32K words.  Forever Diamonds is my campaign-length adventure sourcebook for Encryptopedia. So far I have covered bits about: The Heralds of the Queen, a faction that originated in the main Encryptopedia soucebook. The information presented in Forever Diamonds will be in addition to, not to replace, the information in Encryptopedia. So those of you who already own Encryptopedia will be safe. The Shadowhood, a new faction representing a new type of espionage organization called the … Continue reading Update on New Project: Forever Diamonds