Coming in May: The Book of the Kiss (Libro Suavium)

I am 90% done with this book. I need a few more editing passes, and to start layout. We are currently at 52,000 words! I have been wanting to write a romance sourcebook for fantasy for some time now.
This is partly because I love a good romance story, partly because I have had a lot of very wonderful roleplaying conducting romance stories, and partly because I haven’t seen a book quite like it out there.
Once again the goal is to make it system agnostic: you should be able to pick this book up and use it no matter what other system you’re using.
Finally, I am excited because I really get to focus on writing a supplement that takes into account the entirety of our human experience, being in bodies that love. Can you roleplay “Happily Ever After” with this sourcebook? Sure you can. You can also roleplay “Happy For Now”, and “Oh My Goodness, What Is This Thing We Have?”
You can be an assigned male at birth character (Oriellian fan held down) loving an assigned female at birth character (fan up) who gets married and follows the traditional relationship escalator *and* you can also be a non-binary (fan akimbo) triad who has adopted a sentient mountain as their foster child and who forms the center of a worldwide conspiracy. You can play people who love each other in ways no other people have.
I give players a chance to pick a kind of alignment for their romantic selves and to change that Heart alignment when it seems right for them.
I don’t leave out GMs, either: I give a lot of setting suggestions for GMs to work romantic storylines into their as-yet-non-romantic fantasy games: talking about coming of age, courtship, consummation.
No pun intended, this book is a labor of love. I’m hoping the book will find an audience, but ultimately it was a book I *had* to write to get at other ideas further on in the inspiration queue.
I will be releasing Libro Suavium: the book of the Kiss on May 1st, 2020, to be greeted by the Beltane fires!
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