The Spy Who Loved Me Sale!

A woman wearing a bikini, presumably a spy, is spied upon herself by someone with binoculars.

Starting tomorrow 7/2/2024, the “Spy Who Loved Me” sale. Two of SCM’s best selling books are on sale for 25% off!


This is the premier fantasy espionage sourcebook!

A review about the book says, “If you run a fantasy campaign, you need this book. Even if you don’t run a spy campaign, the book makes a strong case as to why any human society has need of spies and intelligence operations – and why your campaign needs them too (even if they’re in the background). On top of that, it has great examples of roles that PCs might fill, tons of system-agnostic magic items, and sample organizations.”

The Book of the Kiss

The Book of the Kiss is a collection of support material for fantasy romance and romantic roleplaying.

  • Heart Signes serve as “romantic alignments” to help describe how a character approaches romance.
  • A relationship system to describe how people join together in relationship bonds, and what those bonds do functionally in a fantasy environment.
  • Setting elements to put romance into a game that doesn’t have any.

Both books are set at 25% off for the rest of July!

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