Live and Let Dye – the Adventure

A lovely picture of a ballroom
Special thanks to Michael D. Beckwith for the beautiful photography,

I am currently wrapping up production on the first adventure for the Encryptopedia sourcebook material, “Live & Let Dye.”

This adventure focuses on the activities around a very important social event, the Dyer’s Guild Ball. Every year, the Dyer’s Guild hosts Color Season, where they debut the newest alchemical dyes for textiles and paints. The Dyer’s Guild Ball is held shortly after, both as a means of showing off the youth of the city and introducing them to society, and as a way to show the beauty of the new colors in elaborate suits and gowns.

Of course, such a genteel and civilized occasion can also engender the most interesting of activities in the shadows. All the city’s nobility attend the Ball, and the place is a hotbed of political and romantic intrigue. It’s also a perfect cover for some serious subtlety, a quiet dance of death and secrets that takes place underneath it all.

In addition to the detailed description of the entirety of the Ball and its social landscape, the adventure details five scenarios that can either be played singly or all interwoven to form a complex tale of subterfuge, intrigue, romance, loyalty, and justice.

I have really enjoyed writing this adventure and the story will be available for free as part of the special Encryptopedia Pre-Order. If you do not have the cash to spend $9.95 on the pre-order, you may choose to wait until February 14th, 2015, when I will release the adventure as a separate project, available for sale at $4.95.