The Last Hours of the Pre-Order are Slipping Away!

A stream of sand in an hourglass
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Time is running out!  Less than 17 hours left until the end of the Pre-Order period for Encryptopedia. Why is this important? Because at the stroke of midnight that Pre-Order will no longer be available.

What’s the pre-order deal? You get Encryptopedia + the first adventure written for Encryptopedia, “Live and Let Dye.”

A picture of a dagger amongst the folds of a frilly petticoat.
The first adventure for Encryptopedia

“Live and Let Dye” is a stand-alone systemless adventure designed to build upon and execute ideas brought up in the Encryptopedia sourcebook. It has adventure, conflicts, intrigue, romance, and mysterious artifacts. Will you try and save the family of an agent wanting to come in out of the cold? Will you apply your charm and wit to befriending a minister of state? Will you be able to get away with tricking a powerful wizard and an ancient conspiracy at the same time? Will you be able to restore the good name of a magnificent artist? Live and Let Dye will give you a chance to do all these things.

Order the pre-order today before it’s too late!