Update on New Project: Forever Diamonds

A shadowed profile of a girl on a beach
Special thanks to https://www.flickr.com/photos/mickyshoots/ for the picture

I am at 5K on Forever Diamonds, yay! Still have a fair piece to go РI think this one will be from 20K to 32K words.  Forever Diamonds is my campaign-length adventure sourcebook for Encryptopedia.

So far I have covered bits about:

  • The Heralds of the Queen, a faction that originated in the main Encryptopedia soucebook. The information presented in Forever Diamonds will be in addition to, not to replace, the information in Encryptopedia. So those of you who already own Encryptopedia will be safe.
  • The Shadowhood, a new faction representing a new type of espionage organization called the Cabal.
  • A new power system for talents owned by the Shadowhood (which has been a bit of a drain on productivity, I can tell you – power systems eat productivity for breakfast).
  • A new way of tracking inter-faction conflict between espionage factions.

I’ve also done some basic design work for the big story from which the little stories will get their structure.

All in all it has been fun, so far, but there are a lot more words to put down. More as it develops!