Metahumans Rising Kickstarter!

Metahumans Rising Logo graphic
This is a graphic for Metahumans Rising.

I am contributing to the stretch goals of a new game kickstarter!

This is a “Bronze Age” super hero game called “Metahumans Rising.”

Here’s the writeup for my stretch goal:

  • $6,400: The Dread of Bayou Sauvage (Writer Sam Chupp)¬†Your team has been called to New Orleans, where there have been recent strange, serial murders: victims found bled out, bizarre suicides, deaths by mauling, and a body literally crushed flat as if it had gone through a steel press with claws. The bar-room gossip, the word on the street, and the recent urban legends whisper of werewolves, ghosts, hellfire-wreathed revenants, swamp monsters and worse. If you ask those who are tuned to such things, they will tell you that “spiritual activity” is at an all-time high. Out on Bayou Sauvage the vegetation has grown up nearly overnight. A satellite photograph shows the outline of a strange, manta-ray shaped object roughly the size of a basketball court is underneath all that vegetation. Could this be the start of a new invasion? Is it some strange creature from another world? Or is it a fell beast from the Prince of Darkness himself? Free PDF Adventure for all Backers.

Sound good? Then go back it!