Psi Kids: Blisterbreak

Photo is (Ivan Radic), Creative Commons Attribution. SamChuppMedia did the digital recoloring.

Psi Kids: Blisterbreak is a one-shot game requiring a GM and up to six Adult players playing child characters. Characters are provided and a scenario is presented for a limited number of game sessions, but rules for extended advancement and the creation of your own characters are not provided.

Structured like a Young Adult (Middle Grade) Modern Fantasy novel, Psi Kids is a game about psychically powered children largely without adult supervision who are on the run from a government agency that seeks to incarcerate them and subject them to unethical scientific experimentation.

Working outside the law and on the run from authorities, this group must somehow prevent emerging Psi Kids from being captured. A group of older children, with help from their younger cohort, have organized to run opposing operations and a safe house.

Psi Kids uses the FATE Core rule set with some minor alterations, so Fate Dice and some counters to use as Fate Points. The Fate Core SRD should be sufficient rules to run this story.

The Characters

An Excerpt from Anna’s Notes


Summary: Teek has telekinetic powers that seem to be connected to their anger management, which is shaky at best: witness the childcare center they wrecked when they first evidenced their power. The other members of the team do their best to help, but only Bom seems to be able to reach them. They really miss their dog, and it’s true that animals really calm Teek down. I wish we could have dogs in the Arc, but it wouldn’t be fair to the animals to put them in a situation where we might have to bug out without warning.


Summary: Worried about Bom’s parentification. Need to talk to them about the difference between caregiving and co-dependence. They can modify their body instantly, and must’ve been enrolled in martial arts at some point. Has the makings of a good bawk, already healing others with their power. Worried about the fact that 37 took Bom’s mother prisoner and is holding her illegally in an undisclosed, extra-judicial prison.


Summary: They’re a survivor, and a remarkable probability manipulator. A people pleaser, they are uncomfortable if they’re ever outside the spotlight. Always making with the wisecracks and the jokes. Glad we got them away from their Uncle, who was living off their power. Never really had a home, so now the Arc is their home. I’m worried they’ll push their luck too far.


Summary: Superior priority. Must always have the last word, they are their own worst enemy. A budding perfectionist who punishes their failures much harder than anyone else could. Telepathy does not help them with these challenges. Misses their friend Sully; not sure if this is an imaginary friend or not. They’ve learned how to read mental sigs…here’s hoping they can sense 37 coming before it’s too late.


Summary: The sleepwalker psych might call what they have “complex PTSD”; only you can’t give a kid that diagnosis. So they call it “attachment disorder,” and it doesn’t matter: we do our best to help them either way. For some reason Section 37 really wants their power, probably for covert ops: they call it “Ghosting”; phasing out of existence and back in. Almost didn’t confirm them for the action team, but they have bonded with the others. Trust is hard to come by for Poof. They are, admittedly, incredibly resilient – frequently they are the one keeping it all together in the face of bad times. The Arc needs what they can do: get in, get out, leave no trace. That’s Poof.


Summary: One of a rare group of eepaths, technology empaths. Shine needs time to be able to develop their talent. Schroeder said to go ahead and give them over to an action team, that it’s likely they’ll grow more competent the longer they actively use their abilities to help others. Funny thing is, Section 37 doesn’t even know them, and we’d like to keep it that way. Shine is obsessed with finding a girl named Hope, an empath that they once knew over the Internet. Hope was taken by Section 37, but we have been unable to find her. Worried what might happen if Shine is tempted by the possiblity of her return.

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