S2E8 – Thanks, GM!

Being a GM can be a thankless task and is frequently a lot of work so that others can have fun. In this episode Sam talks about the many ways a player group could support their GM.

Foreword: Mercenaries

The cover of Foreword: Mercenaries shows a mercenary squad seated around a fire. A rogue wearing dreadlocks squats, peering into the campfire at the center. A robed wizard floats next to them, in a yoga pose. A warrior wearing scalemail looks into the fire. An elven person wearing plate armor sharpens their sword. A blue-skinned person peers into a magical sphere in their hand. Beyond the ring of light are visible camp tents and mercenary weapons.

Foreword: Mercenaries is a system-agnostic guide to a fantasy TTRPG group with a head start on creating a full game campaign based around the service of the player’s characters in a mercenary troop, as part of a Guild of mercenaries. The book contains a wealth of story ideas and character development concepts toward this goal. GMs may use the book to give a detailed background about the establishment, administration, and running of the Merc Guild, and use that as an engine to provide story for their PCs.

The book is 31 pages with a full-color cover by Sheryl Westleigh

Special thanks to the Youtube Channel Splinterverse for giving an awesome preview! https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxGaKAlzJXNYSpURlRLDHIWUNbbvYIMJx3

Foreword: Mercenaries is sold exclusively on DriveThruRPG.