S2E9 Food For Thought

It’s World building Wednesday, where I invite you to think about aspects of a world to help you create your own. Today’s topic is food. Reference is https://www.patreon.com/lumpley

S2E8 – Thanks, GM!

Being a GM can be a thankless task and is frequently a lot of work so that others can have fun. In this episode Sam talks about the many ways a player group could support their GM.

S2E5 Player Autonomy

In this episode I talk about big picture game design and the idea that every system has trade offs you must address. I talk about the game SRD called Four Points by Penflower Ink available here https://penflower-ink.itch.io/four-points-rpg-system-srd…

Foreword: Mercenaries

Unlike other adventurers’ organizations that may pursue their own political agendas, however, the Mercenaries’ Guild does not in any way seek to “make the world a better place” or in any other way impose their morals or values on the working sell-sword. They value individual determination and personal choice. However, they will always get involved in the following areas:
• Misconduct by Mercenaries against their Employers, including merc betrayals without due notice.
• Misconduct by Employers against their Guilder Mercenaries, including surprise suicide contracts and double-dealing after the fact.
• Failure to pay fees that are owed (either by Mercenaries or by Employers)
• Interfering with or attacking Guild officials, buildings, or services
• Events that may destabilize the local economy.


In this first episode of a new season I am talking about CATS and how it may really help you organize a new gaming group and the play at the table.
Concept, Aim, Topics, and Subject Matter is not my idea but I have been studying and thinking about it…