Sam Chupp Media’s policy on AI-Generated Art

SCM supports the artist community as frequently as it is able to afford to do so.

SCM does not use AI-generated art in any of the books published through DriveThruRPG and, going forward, unless an ethical and legal version of the software comes available, we will not be using this art for paid products.

SCM will utilize AI-generated art only on free-for-use products such as free PDFs, podcasts, and other Creative Commons (CC-BY) content. Any artist who feels their artwork was co-opted by art we present in these free products can send me an email directly, and on verification we will swap the artwork with other art, or offer to pay a usage fee to the bona-fide artist.

SCM does use Inkarnate as a map creation tool, and will continue to flag its products with Inkarnate-generated maps.