Psi Kids: The Needs of the Few

Psi Kids: the Needs of the Few is a one-shot game requiring a GM and up to six players playing characters. Characters are provided and a scenario is presented for a limited number of game sessions, but rules for advancement and the creation of your own characters are not provided.

Structured like a Young Adult Modern Fantasy novel, Psi Kids is a game about psychically powered children largely without adult supervision who are on the run from a government agency that seeks to incarcerate them and subject them to unethical scientific experimentation.

Working outside the law and on the run from authorities, this group must somehow prevent emerging Psi Kids from being captured. A group of older children, with help from their younger cohort, have organized to run opposing operations and a safe house.

Psi Kids uses the FATE Core rule set with some minor alterations, so Fate Dice and some counters to use as Fate Points. The Fate Core SRD should be sufficient rules to run this story.