Feminist text? It’s our idea of fun.

  Reading Caoime Snow’s blog, I noticed that she was asked if The Queen’s Cavaliers is a “Feminist Egalitarian Text” in much the same way as say, the movie Aliens. For many years I played what we called “D&D” with my friends – it wasn’t really Dungeons and Dragons. I think of it as loosely based on the fantasy world that was created to deal with a vague concept of D&D. At first we utilized only a few of the aspects of the system. Slowly but surely, even the dice functions were left by the wayside as we turned the game … Continue reading Feminist text? It’s our idea of fun.

TQC: Opposites attract

  You may have heard that I’m interested in The Queen’s Cavaliers, a kickstarter project currently funding. I am enjoying reading the beta / playtest version posted for backers, and one thing that is of interest about the mechanics is that a character starts with two “classes.” This is the sort of thing that makes me wonder about the setting-reflected issues of the system. The classes are literally dripping with setting meaning: Barrister is one of them, for example. Mechanician. Charmweaver, yes but even “Provincial.” The whole idea of a “Provincial” character class takes me back to games like Warhammer, … Continue reading TQC: Opposites attract

The Queen’s Cavaliers

I was very graciously asked to contribute to a project currently funding through Kickstarter. It’s called The Queen’s Cavaliers and is by Caoimhe Snow. I have been asked to create an adventure for the game if they make $9000.00. Since Kicktraq projects for it to trend much higher than that, I have already started thinking about what I am going to do in anticipation of the stretch goal getting fulfilled. Brainstorming When I create adventures for my own purposes, I start with a brainstorm and generate a list of elements that I want to try and work in the story. … Continue reading The Queen’s Cavaliers