A New Poll: What book shall be next?

                              I have a history of responding to my audience. I like to talk back and to listen to what they have to say. If you are interested in helping influence the next work that I put together, please head over to my Google+ poll, or if you would rather vote here, or on my Facebook page, or over Twitter, feel free to do so! Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SamChuppMedia Twitter: https://twitter.com/sambearpoet Google+: [googleplus url=https://plus.google.com/u/0/+SamChupp/posts/atS7KPKh9Qo]

Werewolf, American Indians, and Me

I will tell you right out, I don’t know who originally thought of adding American Indian mythology to the game “Werewolf: the Apocalypse,” and frankly it doesn’t matter who did. What does matter is how the American Indian culture in the game was treated. I truly believe that were the game introduced today, White Wolf would be in receipt of the same level of negative publicity as Monte Cook is experiencing right now. I have had several people who are American Indian-identified speak to me about the mythology in Werewolf, and by and large their feedback has been positive. I believe … Continue reading Werewolf, American Indians, and Me

Character Agency: It’s not just a good idea, it’s the right thing to do

One of my gaming beliefs is that every character should have agency. Frequently enough, however, I see games where this is not true. In my opinion, every character should have their own story line and their own ability to do as they wish. It’s true that the filmic camera of our play may not include that character’s whole lifespan, but I feel as though you should be able to rotate the camera and follow the innkeeper as he goes about his duties, focus in on the midwife as she delivers another child, watch her travel out of the city to … Continue reading Character Agency: It’s not just a good idea, it’s the right thing to do

Contraception, Pregnancy, Childbirth in Gaming

I’m not a mom, but I’ve attended two births and helped parent with newborns, toddlers, kids, and teenagers. I have long decried the fact that games never talk about positive things: sex, pregnancy, birth, love; along with loyalty, truth, freedom, justice. I enjoyed listening to these awesome women talk about their perspectives. It’s a sad but true statement that none of these game designers can point to a game that gets all of them: contraception, pregnancy and childbirth right. I hope that this can be heard as a call for others to incorporate such things, naturally, in their games. Here’s some random … Continue reading Contraception, Pregnancy, Childbirth in Gaming

Why do I need a systemless sourcebook anyway?

When I first started roleplaying (when I was 8 – nearly 40 years ago), I had no clue what I was doing. I tried to learn D&D from the blue-covered box set with the dice and the crayons – but let’s face it, it wasn’t written for 8-year-old audiences. I didn’t actually get D&D until I played AD&D with some friends, and started running games the second game I played. I had no idea how the rules worked, but the story was what I loved. Now we have a couple of generations of people who have spent years and years playing … Continue reading Why do I need a systemless sourcebook anyway?

The Chupp Test

Apparently this is a thing. To be clear, I don’t recall coining the term “the Chupp test” but I am pleased that it is in use. I keep a vanity  Google search going in my name; and you should too. That’s how I found the test. The term was probably coined around the same time I was doing Internet Representative duties for White Wolf Game Design Studio (as opposed to White Wolf, White Wolf / CCP, or Onyx Path). I ran a MUSH called The Storyteller’s Circle and I would do online conferences on TSC plus AOL chat rooms. That was … Continue reading The Chupp Test