Metahumans Rising Kickstarter!

I am contributing to the stretch goals of a new game kickstarter! This is a “Bronze Age” super hero game called “Metahumans Rising.” Here’s the writeup for my stretch goal: $6,400: The Dread of Bayou Sauvage (Writer Sam Chupp) Your team has been called to New Orleans, where there have been recent strange, serial murders: victims found bled out, bizarre suicides, deaths by mauling, and a body literally crushed flat as if it had gone through a steel press with claws. The bar-room gossip, the word on the street, and the recent urban legends whisper of werewolves, ghosts, hellfire-wreathed revenants, swamp … Continue reading Metahumans Rising Kickstarter!

Update on New Project: Forever Diamonds

I am at 5K on Forever Diamonds, yay! Still have a fair piece to go – I think this one will be from 20K to 32K words.  Forever Diamonds is my campaign-length adventure sourcebook for Encryptopedia. So far I have covered bits about: The Heralds of the Queen, a faction that originated in the main Encryptopedia soucebook. The information presented in Forever Diamonds will be in addition to, not to replace, the information in Encryptopedia. So those of you who already own Encryptopedia will be safe. The Shadowhood, a new faction representing a new type of espionage organization called the … Continue reading Update on New Project: Forever Diamonds


My official Gamerversary is always the Easter holiday. I realize it moves around a lot. But my very first Real Life Gamebook, the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook, was given to me as an Easter present by the Easter Bunny. I was 8 years old. Now I’m 47 and next year will have my 40th Gamerversary. A side note: not long after this I got my PH confiscated by the principal at the private school I was attending, and was told that I should take it home and burn it because it was Satanic. Needless to say, I did … Continue reading Gamerversary

Werewolf, American Indians, and Me

I will tell you right out, I don’t know who originally thought of adding American Indian mythology to the game “Werewolf: the Apocalypse,” and frankly it doesn’t matter who did. What does matter is how the American Indian culture in the game was treated. I truly believe that were the game introduced today, White Wolf would be in receipt of the same level of negative publicity as Monte Cook is experiencing right now. I have had several people who are American Indian-identified speak to me about the mythology in Werewolf, and by and large their feedback has been positive. I believe … Continue reading Werewolf, American Indians, and Me

GM’s Day Sale of Encryptopedia!

  Starting right now and going until 3/5/2015 (whenever DriveThru turns it off), you may purchase Encryptopedia for $4.95 as a special price to celebrate GM’s Day. This will be the only time this book is offered at a discount this quarter. Encryptopedia normally sells for $9.95 so you are saving $5.00. Use this code when ordering on DriveThruRPG: 95bdb2de56 Without that code you will still see the price of $9.95. Thanks for being a GM – Sláinte!

The Next Project Poll

Here is a link to the Google Plus poll if you’d like to vote on the next project Sam Chupp Media will produce. [googleplus url=]

Character Agency: It’s not just a good idea, it’s the right thing to do

One of my gaming beliefs is that every character should have agency. Frequently enough, however, I see games where this is not true. In my opinion, every character should have their own story line and their own ability to do as they wish. It’s true that the filmic camera of our play may not include that character’s whole lifespan, but I feel as though you should be able to rotate the camera and follow the innkeeper as he goes about his duties, focus in on the midwife as she delivers another child, watch her travel out of the city to … Continue reading Character Agency: It’s not just a good idea, it’s the right thing to do

Contraception, Pregnancy, Childbirth in Gaming

I’m not a mom, but I’ve attended two births and helped parent with newborns, toddlers, kids, and teenagers. I have long decried the fact that games never talk about positive things: sex, pregnancy, birth, love; along with loyalty, truth, freedom, justice. I enjoyed listening to these awesome women talk about their perspectives. It’s a sad but true statement that none of these game designers can point to a game that gets all of them: contraception, pregnancy and childbirth right. I hope that this can be heard as a call for others to incorporate such things, naturally, in their games. Here’s some random … Continue reading Contraception, Pregnancy, Childbirth in Gaming