The Foreword Series

close up of a sword hilt on an armored warrior

Foreword is a new series I am putting together.  These supplements will address alternatives to “YAMIAB” also known as “You All Meet In a Bar.” Yes, it’s traditional. Yes, many fantasy RPG players don’t require more than that. But I am offering this as a means of making your characters fit together more cohesively, giving each other a common thread of experience. It also helps the GM to create a framework upon which to structure stories that you play.

The first book is Foreword: Mercenaries, and will be available exclusively through DriveThruRPG, on the Sam Chupp Media page.

Mercenaries will give you all you need to create a play group around the concept of being paid mercenaries in a fantasy world where you are protected and supported by the Mercenaries’ Guild. It will go in depth as to how a guild chapter house is put together and provide the players with companies, agents, and potential jobs to take.

The work is 12,000+ words with a full color cover painting by Noadi Arts.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash’s Jonathan Kemper