Werewolf, American Indians, and Me

I will tell you right out, I don’t know who originally thought of adding American Indian mythology to the game “Werewolf: the Apocalypse,” and frankly it doesn’t matter who did. What does matter is how the American Indian culture in the game was treated. I truly believe that were the game introduced today, White Wolf would be in receipt of the same level of negative publicity as Monte Cook is experiencing right now. I have had several people who are American Indian-identified speak to me about the mythology in Werewolf, and by and large their feedback has been positive. I believe … Continue reading Werewolf, American Indians, and Me

GM’s Day Sale of Encryptopedia!

  Starting right now and going until 3/5/2015 (whenever DriveThru turns it off), you may purchase Encryptopedia for $4.95 as a special price to celebrate GM’s Day. This will be the only time this book is offered at a discount this quarter. Encryptopedia normally sells for $9.95 so you are saving $5.00. Use this code when ordering on DriveThruRPG: 95bdb2de56 Without that code you will still see the price of $9.95. Thanks for being a GM – Sláinte!

The Next Project Poll

Here is a link to the Google Plus poll if you’d like to vote on the next project Sam Chupp Media will produce. [googleplus url=https://plus.google.com/u/0/105216278926420992324/posts/egZSj9Q4ko6]