Semper Fidelis

Those who are remembered, live. I was never in the military, and at this point will not likely be. I’ve always been more of a bard than a warrior, a dreamer more than a fighter. This was my father’s disappointment; but in his defense, he seemed to make peace with it before he died. My civilian life does not mean that I forget the sacrifice of those who have died so that we can have the freedom to dream. I don’t wish to get into a lot of flag-waving. But I acknowledge the debt. My father was a Gunnery Sergeant in the … Continue reading Semper Fidelis

TQC: Opposites attract

  You may have heard that I’m interested in The Queen’s Cavaliers, a kickstarter project currently funding. I am enjoying reading the beta / playtest version posted for backers, and one thing that is of interest about the mechanics is that a character starts with two “classes.” This is the sort of thing that makes me wonder about the setting-reflected issues of the system. The classes are literally dripping with setting meaning: Barrister is one of them, for example. Mechanician. Charmweaver, yes but even “Provincial.” The whole idea of a “Provincial” character class takes me back to games like Warhammer, … Continue reading TQC: Opposites attract

A Dark Mirror

I am very fond of the phrase villains are the heroes of their own stories. When creating the background of my Storium game called “For Honor Among The Stars,” I decided to have a go at a “People’s Republic of Haven” analogue, so I created the Guaranmian People’s Republic (GPR). It’s clear from Weber’s writing that the PRH is a model of socialism writ large, a huge welfare state where most people are on the Dole, and the government is in a constant state of expansion to be able to accommodate its tax base.  I have no comment about Weber’s … Continue reading A Dark Mirror

The Queen’s Cavaliers

I was very graciously asked to contribute to a project currently funding through Kickstarter. It’s called The Queen’s Cavaliers and is by Caoimhe Snow. I have been asked to create an adventure for the game if they make $9000.00. Since Kicktraq projects for it to trend much higher than that, I have already started thinking about what I am going to do in anticipation of the stretch goal getting fulfilled. Brainstorming When I create adventures for my own purposes, I start with a brainstorm and generate a list of elements that I want to try and work in the story. … Continue reading The Queen’s Cavaliers

Welcome to my new Blog

This is a catch-all blog for all the creative work I’m doing. In it I’ll talk about general topics for roleplaying game design, writing, and other creative outlets. If you want to learn more about me, check out my personal website,